Where You Can Get a Polygraph Test: State by State

Is a polygraph needed by you or someone you know? Wondering where to go or who to approach to determine who is telling the truth and who is fabricating lies?

Polygraphs are carried out in police stations and state patrol outposts as well as investigative and intelligence offices. They are also available at many law offices for the use of clients. Pre-employment polygraphs are administered where employers or companies prefer, usually in the private sector.

Generally speaking, there are 2 primary providers of polygraphs, and they are:

Public polygraph examiners. Specially trained police officers or certified polygraphers serve as examiners for investigative purposes. Polygraphers at government agencies conduct lie detector tests for security and intelligence purposes as well as for screening candidates for certain governmental job positions.

Private polygraph examiners. Certified polygraph experts at private establishments specializing in polygraphy administer lie detector exams for various purposes, and some common examples include: infidelity polygraph tests, pre-employment screening processes and private investigations and surveillances.

Currently searching for a polygrapher? Below are some privately operating polygraph examiners per state.

US states


In Alabama, the agency tasked with the education, instrumentation and regulation of all things related to lie detector exams is the Polygraph Examiners Board. Needless to say, all polygraphers in the state, whether operating publicly or privately, need to have a license.

One of the oldest and most prestigious organizations of polygraphers in Alabama is the Alabama Association of Polygraph Examiners (AAPE) — it’s a plus if your chosen lie detector examiner is a member of it.

Some of the state’s licensed polygraphers are:

  • Alabama Polygraph
  • API Polygraph Services
  • Commercial Polygraph Inc.
  • GKLAU Polygraph LLC
  • The Polygraph Guy


Polygraph examiners in Alaska are not required to be licensed. So, in other words, somebody who doesn’t possess a license can legally administer a lie detector test in the Last Frontier.

It’s a good idea to put your trust in a provider that’s a member of a professional association of polygraph examiners in the state. Some examples include the Alaska Polygraph Association (APA) and the Alaska Alliance of Polygraph Examiners (AAPE). While not a requirement, an affiliation with any of them is a huge plus.

Here’s one polygraph examiner in Alaska:

  • Polygraph & Investigations, LLC – Serving Palmer, Wasilla and Anchorage, the cost of a lie detector test from Polygraph & Investigations, LLC can range from $400 to $800, depending on the type of the exam.


The most prestigious professional association for polygraphers is the Arizona Polygraph Association (AZPA). Most of the lie detector experts in various government agencies in Arizona, such as the Arizona Department of Public Safety, the Tempe Police Department and the Phoenix Police Department are affiliated with the said organization.

Here are polygraph companies in the Grand Canyon State that are AZPA members:

  • Abacus Forensic Polygraph LLC
  • Advance Forensic Assessments Inc.
  • Eaton Polygraph Services
  • Northland Investigations
  • Peak Credibility Assessment Training Center
  • Southwest Polygraph Services Inc.
  • True Results Polygraph Services
  • Truth Lab
  • Wells Polygraph Services


Polygraph examiners are required to have a license from the Arkansas Board of Private Investigators and Private Security Agencies — make sure that the lie detector test service provider you are about to hire is licensed.

In the state, a legit association of polygraph examiners is called the Arkansas Polygraph Association (APA). According to the organization’s website, it currently has over 100 members which range from honorary, affiliate and life members.

Lie detector tests in Arkansas usually start from $495. And some local companies that provide them are:

  • Arkansas Polygraph
  • Battershell Polygraph Service
  • David Platt Investigations
  • Gary Harp Polygraph Service
  • Integrity Investigative Solutions LLC


Individuals who conduct lie detector exams in California are not required to have a license, which can make finding a reputable one quite challenging. No matter the choice, it’s important to check if the business is licensed. It’s also recommended to check out reviews online and by word of mouth.

A number of professional groups of polygraph examiners in the Golden State exist. One of the most well-known and prestigious is the California Association of Polygraph Examiners (CAPE).

Here are some members of the said professional affiliation of polygraphers:

  • Bermudez Polygraph
  • Confidential Polygraph
  • DF Polygraph
  • Granite Investigative Solutions LLC
  • LDB Polygraph
  • Mid Valley Polygraph
  • Omega Polygraph
  • On Watch Investigations
  • Sierra Polygraph Service
  • Truth Verified Polygraph Services
  • Western Polygraph


Like many states, Colorado does not require polygraph examiners to be licensed.

But consider hiring one that’s associated with the Colorado Association of Polygraph Examiners (CAPE). That’s because not all lie detector companies operating in the Centennial State can become members — only those that are able to meet standards set by CAPE are granted membership.

Below, you will come across some of the polygraph examiners in Colorado associated with CAPE:

  • Absolute Polygraph
  • Analytical Inquiries
  • Baseline Associates
  • Forensic Polygraph Inc.
  • Forensic Truth Verification Group
  • Integrity Polygraph LLC
  • JHE Consultants
  • Marshall Polygraph Services
  • Proof Positive Polygraph


In Connecticut, those providing lie detector examinations are not required to have a license. Similarly, they are not obligated to be members of any of the state’s associations of professional polygraphers.

Hiring one that’s a member of such, like the Connecticut Polygraph Association (CPA) is an advantage. That’s because its members are some of the most qualified polygraphers in the state. As a matter of fact, most members are from local government agencies such as the Bristol Police Department and Manchester Police Department.

Some of CPA’s private members who run their own testing centers include:

  • Brian Narkewicz
  • Christopher Chute
  • Dave Allen
  • James Nicholson
  • Karen O’Connor
  • Lisa Smart
  • Mark Handler
  • William Wesche


Just because lie detector test providers in Delaware are not required by the state to get their hands on a license doesn’t mean you can opt for just about any company that you find on the internet. In order to have the most accurate and reliable polygraph examination, consider hiring one that’s trusted by many.

Being a member of an organization of polygraph examiners in the First State, such as the Delaware State Polygraph Association (DSPA) is a must.

Here’s an example of a professional polygrapher in Delaware:

  • The Polygraph Guy – With multiple branches, the Polygraph Guy is accessible to many. The service provider, which charges $700 per exam, is certified in conducting sex offender and employment-related lie detector testing.


Even though polygraphers in Florida are not required by the law to be licensed, someone who is looking to have a lie detector test must at least go for a reputable company.

Being a member of the Florida Polygraph Association (FPA) means that the polygraph expert has been conducting polygraph examinations for at least 5 years. He or she must have also completed a prescribed training of a minimum of 64 hours. Being in good standing is important for anyone to retain FPA membership.

Some FPA-certified polygraphers in the state include:

  • Assured Polygraph Services Inc.
  • Broward State Attorney’s Office
  • Eagle Resolutions and Resources International Inc.
  • John Paul Bailey and Associates
  • Miami Polygraph Associates
  • Reaume & Alvarez Investigations and Polygraphs


Choosing a polygraph examiner in Georgia that’s a member of a professional organization, such as the Georgia Polygraph Association (GPA) is a good idea. That’s because it means that the provider has graduated from an accredited polygraph school and completed a minimum of 25 examinations as a part of an internship program.

In addition, it can help you find the most reliable lie detector test since the state law does not require polygraph examiners operating in Georgia to have a license.

The following are some certified members of the GPA:

  • Above Board Polygraph
  • Ballard Polygraph
  • Hobgood Polygraph Services LLC
  • Lawrence Consultants Polygraph
  • Metro Atlanta Polygraph LLC
  • Total Truth Polygraph and Investigative Services


Just about anyone can operate a polygraph testing center in Hawaii. That’s because having a license is not a requirement. Since a lie detector test doesn’t cost cheap and there are consequences to the result, it’s of utmost importance for the exam to be administered by the right person.

A prominent organization of polygraphers in Hawaii is the Hawaii Organization of Polygraph Examiners (HOPE).

Here’s one testing center in the Aloha State:

  • Gillespie Polygraph – The cost of a lie detector test from Gillespie Polygraph can range anywhere from as low as $300 to as high as $500. A 50% deposit is required for those who wish to seek the provider’s service.


Lie detector examiners are not required to be licensed in Idaho. To make sure the test will be administered by nobody but someone who knows what he or she is doing, check that the individual has completed an accredited polygraph program and has plenty of industry experience in the specific field he or she is in.

It pays for the professional to be a member of the Idaho Polygraph Association (IPA) or something similar to it.

Some of the polygraph examiners in Idaho are:

  • Idaho Polygraph
  • John Grogan & Associates
  • Morgan Polygraph and Associates
  • Mountain States Polygraph


It’s not enough for the polygraph professional in Illinois to be affiliated with a professional organization such as the Illinois Polygraph Society (IPS) — it’s also a must for the expert to possess a state license, which is a requirement. And to be licensed, one must meet the minimum requirements such as attending a polygraph school and passing an exam.

Some private examiners in Idaho who are members of the IPS include:

  • Anthony Reistroffer
  • James Reistroffer
  • Jeff Felton
  • Leigha Wilson
  • Mike Campise
  • Mike Cochran
  • Richard Williams 
  • Robert Trlak
  • Roy Derby
  • Rusty Wright
  • Tina Figueroa-Mitchell


It’s voluntary for lie detector test examiners in Indiana to get a certification. It’s completely for someone who is on the hunt for a reliable polygrapher to decide whether or not to hire someone who’s not certified.

Either way, it’s a good idea to pick one who is a member of the Indiana Polygraph Association (IPA).

Some of the goals of IPA is for its members to obtain new ideas, methods and techniques in polygraph testing. In addition, it encourages its members to participate in training programs and seminars available to them. So, in other words, an IPA member is one of the best in Indiana.

Here are some of IPA’s members conducting private polygraph exams:

  • Aaron Oyler
  • Angela Gino
  • Bob Ennis
  • Gary Hall
  • Joe Vetter
  • Ken Hosier
  • Richard Dowden


The Iowa Department of Public Safety (IDPS) — this is the agency that provides licenses to polygraph examiners in the state. On the other hand, one of the recognized groups of professional polygraphers in the Hawkeye State is the Iowa Polygraph Association (IPA), where members have to meet certain standards and have to be in good standing.

Check out some of the lie detector test providers in Iowa:

  • Current Whereabouts
  • Des Moines Investigations
  • Foresight Security Solutions Inc.
  • Hawkeye Polygraph and Investigation
  • J&I Polygraph Investigation
  • Kidwell Investigations
  • SPI Des Moines


In the state of Kansas, those who provide lie detector exams are not required by the law to get their hands on a license. While it can make it easier for polygraphers to run a business, it can make it challenging to find the most reliable and experienced polygraph examiner in Kansas.

Fortunately, there’s the Kansas Polygraph Association (KPA) that can help individuals who are in need of a lie detector test that they can count on.

Some of KPA’s current members include:

  • Alan Jennerich Polygraph Services
  • Brede Group Solutions
  • Forensic Assessments Inc.
  • Forensic Truth Analysis LLC
  • Integrity Polygraph LLC
  • Investigations LLC
  • Kip Kieso Polygraph Services


Besides asking whether or not the polygraph examiner is licensed, which is a requirement in Kentucky, it’s also a good idea to determine if the individual is a member of the Kentucky Polygraph Association (KPA) or a similar organization. That’s because everyone has to meet certain requirements in order to earn membership.

In any case, here are some of the licensed polygraphers in Kentucky who are also KPA members:

  • AIS Polygraph
  • Coberly Consulting LLC
  • Hager Polygraph Service
  • KYTN Polygraph
  • Polygraph Systems LLC
  • ROBYCO Polygraph
  • Truthspan Polygraph Services


Just before you give a particular lie detector test examiner in Louisiana, check that he or she has a license issued by the Louisiana State Polygraph Board. Needless to say, polygraphers in Louisiana are required to be licensed.

Being a member of a national and/or local polygraph and lie detection association, such as the Louisiana Polygraph Association (LPA) is a plus, although not really a requirement.

One polygraph examiner in Louisiana is the following:

  • On-Site Professional Polygraph – Located in Edgewood Drive Pineville, the polygraph testing center is operated by a retired law enforcer with 27 years of experience. The business has been around since 1995.


It’s the Maine State Police that is responsible for licensing polygraph examiners in Maine. In order to be licensed, one must have graduated from a polygraph school and have a minimum of 5 years of industry experience.

Some of the licensed lie detector examiners in the state can be found working for the following:

  • Central Maine Investigations LLC
  • Ferland Ranhoff Polygraph Examiners Associates
  • New England Polygraph & Detective Agency
  • RJ Goan & Associates


Polygraph and lie detector examiners in Maryland are not required by the law to be licensed.

When searching for a service provider, consider going for one that’s a member of a professional group of examiners, such as the Maryland Polygraph Association (MPA), which represents some of the state’s most qualified examiners from the government, law enforcers and private sector:

Some privately operating examiners affiliated with MPA are:

  • Adam Edgley
  • Dale Alford
  • Dan Baxter
  • Erica Ball
  • George Brace Jr.
  • Henry Chamberlain
  • Kenneth Davis
  • Regina Custer
  • Robert Como
  • Ron Blocker
  • Victoria Davis
  • William Barrett


Before agreeing to have the lie detector test administered, make sure that the examiner has a license issued by the State Police Special Licensing Unit. Needless to say, it’s a requirement for polygraphers in the Bay State to be licensed. Otherwise, look for another service provider.

It’s an advantage if the one you are about to hire is a member of the Association of Massachusetts Polygraphists (AMP) or any other national or statewide professional organization.

The following are some private testing centers in Massachusetts:

  • Boss Investigations
  • Consigli Polygraph
  • Eagle Investigation Service Inc.
  • Manchurian Global Polygraph Testing
  • MTS & Associate
  • Premier Investigations Inc.
  • Truth Detection Laboratories


In the state of Michigan, it’s a must for all polygraphers to have a license issued by the Department of Licensing and Regulatory Affairs (LARA). Although not a requirement, being a member of the Michigan Association of Polygraph Examiners (MAPE) can help increase a person’s confidence in the examiner.

Here are some of the members of MAPE as of this writing:

  • Allen Polygraph Service
  • Edwards Polygraph & Consulting Services LLC
  • Ellerbrake Polygraph LLC
  • French Polygraph & Consulting
  • Gora Polygraph Service LLC
  • JP Carey Consulting Inc.
  • Michigan Reliable Polygraph Services LLC
  • Pond Consulting Services
  • Professional Polygraph & Investigative Services LLC
  • Robert Start Polygraph Service


There is no need to ask the polygrapher operating in Minnesota whether or not he or she is licensed. That’s because the state does not require those who administer the test to procure a license.

It’s a good idea, however, to check if the examiner is a member of the Minnesota Polygraph Association (MNPA) or something else that’s recognized. Not everyone can be a member of a professional organization for polygraphers — one must meet minimum standards and continually be updated with the latest in polygraphing.

The following are a few members of the MNPA:

  • Assured Polygraph
  • Forensic Polygraph Inc.
  • Integrity Polygraph LLC
  • Precise Polygraph Services LLC
  • Smith Polygraph Services
  • Specialized Polygraph Services LLC
  • True North Polygraph
  • Universal Polygraphs LLC


It’s a requirement for lie detector test examiners in Mississippi to be licensed for them to be able to provide their services without breaking the law. So, before agreeing to take a polygraph exam from someone, check that he or she has a license issued by the Mississippi Board of Professional Polygraph Examiners.

Below, you will come across an example of a licensed polygrapher in the state of Mississippi:

  • Clayton Polygraph Services LLC – Located in Hattiesburg, Mississippi, Clayton Polygraph Services LLC offers both lie detector tests and eye-detect tests.


Not all lie detector examiners in Missouri should be licensed — only those who are operating in St. Louis County are required by the law to have a license.

Whether or not required to be licensed, consider hiring one that’s a member of a professional organization such as the Missouri Polygraph Association (MPA), whose members, according to the group’s website itself, are some of the state’s most qualified professionals not only in the polygraph profession, but also in the field of law enforcement.

The following are some of MPA’s members from the private sector:

  • Boyd Polygraph Service
  • Combs Polygraph and Investigations
  • Davis & Associates Polygraph Inc.
  • Midwest Protective Service Inc.
  • O’Keefe Polygraph Services
  • Protective & Investigative Services
  • Vanguard Polygraph Services


Polygraph examiners in the state of Montana are not required to possess a license.

Due to this, someone who is looking to obtain a lie detector exam should do a quick background check of the service provider in order to obtain the most reliable test possible. Having enough industry experience and being a member of an organization such as the Montana Association of Polygraph Examiners (MAPE) is an advantage.

Here are some polygraphers located in Montana:

  • Brent Wood Services
  • Elite Investigations
  • Montana Polygraph Services
  • Williams Investigations
  • Yellowstone Polygraph


Individuals who provide lie detector examinations in Nebraska are required to have a license issued by the Nebraska Secretary of State. And according to the said government slash licensing agency itself, here are some of the licensed private polygraph examiners in the Cornhusker State:

  • Central Nebraska Polygraph
  • Forensic Assessments Inc.
  • Hilliges & Associates LLC
  • McLaughlin & Associates
  • Nebraska Polygraph Services
  • Teuscher Polygraph Service


A polygraph examiner may or may not be a member of any national or local organization of polygraphers, such as the Nevada Polygraph Association (NPA). However, it’s a must for anyone who is administering a lie detector test in the state to be licensed in order for him or her to be able to operate legally.

The following are some examples of licensed Nevada polygraphers:

  • AGR Detective Agency
  • Alert Consultants
  • Exclusive Investigations
  • Francis Associates Inc.
  • Global Investigative & Management
  • Griffin Investigations Inc.
  • Peele Kenneth Private Investigations

New Hampshire

Polygraphers in New Hampshire do not need to have a license because it’s not required by the law. The same is true for membership in any professional organization for lie detector experts.

In the state, however, the group New England Polygraph Examiners (NEPE) exists. Needless to say, it’s a good idea to opt for a polygraph examiner who is associated with it.

These are some examples of privately operating polygraphers in New Hampshire:

  • Estey Associates LLC
  • Ferland, Ranhoff & Polygraph Examiner Associates
  • Tactical Surveillance

New Jersey

It’s not a requirement for lie detector test providers in New Jersey to be licensed. Despite this, make sure that the one you are about to hire has attended an accredited polygraph school and has ample experience in the field. It’s also a big plus if he or she is a member of a professional association of polygraphers, international or locally.

Here are some polygraphers operating in the state:

  • Aegis Investigative Service
  • Bauer Trial Preparation
  • CP Smentkowski Investigative Services LLC
  • EBS Group
  • Epic Security Corp.
  • Jerry A. Lewis & Associates LLC

New Mexico

The New Mexico Private Investigations Board — this is the agency that issues licenses to polygraph and lie detector exam providers in the state. Licensed professionals may also choose to be affiliated with the New Mexico Society of Forensic Polygraphers (NMSFP), which is a local organization of expert polygraphers.

Recognized by the American Polygraph Association (APA), members of the NMSFP have to meet requirements and undergo continuing education in order to maintain their membership.

Some polygraph examiners licensed to conduct tests in New Mexico include:

  • Lucero Polygraph Test
  • PGP Polygraph
  • Trotter Polygraph Testing

New York

In New York, there is no need for professional polygraphers to have a license. Public and private lie detector examiners, however, may choose to be members of either a national or local organization, like the New York State Polygraphists (NYSP) that can help increase their reliability for there are eligibility requirements to meet.

Below are some polygraphers operating in the Empire State:

  • Argus Investigating Services Inc.
  • In-Depth Polygraphs
  • Lie Detection for Lovers
  • Matte Polygraph Service Inc.

North Carolina

Polygraph and lie detector examiners in North Carolina must possess a license obtained from the North Carolina Private Protective Services Board. Other than having a license, individuals who are looking to take the exam can enjoy more peace of mind if their chosen polygraphers are a member of the North Carolina Polygraph Association (NCPA).

According to the group’s website itself, it’s dedicated to promoting the professionalism and integrity of the polygraph industry in the state of North Carolina.

These are some members of the NCPA that are operating privately:

  • Ken Davis Polygraph Examinations
  • Lark and Associates Polygraph Service Inc.
  • Parrott Law Firm LLC
  • Pittman & Associates Polygraph & Investigative Services
  • The Polygraph Examiner
  • Truth Verification LLC Investigations & Polygraph Services

North Dakota

Before you get strapped to a lie detector machine in North Dakota, check that the examiner has a license issued by the Licensing Section of the Office of Attorney General. That’s because anyone who conducts a polygraph examination in North Dakota is required to be licensed.

Here are some licensed North Dakota polygraphers:

  • Alpha 6 Inc.
  • Johnson & Co.
  • Mid-State Claims Service
  • North Star Polygraph & Forensic Services
  • True North Polygraph


There is no need for polygraphers in Ohio to be licensed. This does not mean, however, that one should hire the first service provider that he or she runs into.

Still, it’s important to leave the job to a lie detector test examiner who went to a polygraph school and has completed an accredited program. It’s also a good idea for the individual to be a member of a group of polygraphers in the country or state, such as the Ohio Association of Polygraph Examiners (OAPE).

And speaking of which, the following are some of OAPE’s current members:

  • Clark-Dye & Associates Inc.
  • Morgan Forensic Services
  • Ohio Polygraph & Associates LLC
  • Poly-Tech Associates Inc.
  • RL Emmons & Associates Inc.
  • Security & Polygraph Consultants Inc.


In order to be able to render service legally in the state of Oklahoma, polygraph examiners must have a license from the Oklahoma Board of Polygraph Examiners. Also, some of the most reliable polygraphers in the state are members of the Oklahoma Polygraph Examiners Association (OPEA).

Looking for a lie detector test in Oklahoma? Consider any of the following:

  • Baker & Baker Ltd.
  • Burnett Security
  • Don Bradford Special Investigations
  • Hayden Detective Agency
  • Predatorian Security & Detective Agency


In Oregon, those who provide polygraph tests should obtain a license issued by the Oregon Department of Public Safety Standards and Training (DPSST).

Most licensed polygraphers in Oregon are members of the Northwest Polygraph Examiners Association (NPEA). Formerly known as the Washington State Polygraph Association (WSPA), the organization also has members from Alaska, Idaho, Montana, Nevada and even western Canada.

Some of those that administer lie detector examinations in Oregon are:

  • Biegel Investigations
  • Couch Polygraph Services LLC
  • Hart 2 Hart Investigations
  • Internal Affairs Private Investigations Inc.
  • McKinney Investigations


Don’t ask the polygraph examiner operating in Pennsylvania if he or she is licensed — in the Keystone State, polygraphers are not required by the law to have a license.

To increase your chances of finding a reliable lie detector exam, check out the members of the Pennsylvania Polygraph Examiners Association (PPEA). The group’s site says that it’s committed to providing a valid and reliable means to verify the truth and establish the highest standards of moral, ethical and professional conduct in the polygraph field.

Here are examples of testing centers in Pennsylvania:

  • A+ Investigations & Protection
  • Assured Polygraph Service Inc.
  • GG Polygraph & Interview Services
  • Global Polygraph Network
  • Legion Security Services
  • Polygraph Solutions LLC

Rhode Island

Like some states in the US, polygraph experts in Rhode Island are not required to be licensed.

But see to it that the service provider’s business is registered. Also, it can work to your advantage if the examiner is a member of a national or local association of lie detector examiners, such as the APA or Rhode Island Polygraph Association (RIPA) where everyone has to meet certain requirements to be admitted.

The following is one of the private polygraphers in Rhode Island:

  • ATech Investigation Services Inc. – Licensed in a total of 7 states, ATech Investigation Services Inc. conducts lie detector exams in less than 2 hours. The verbal report is available within 24 hours after the examination. The written report, meanwhile, is usually available after 3 business days.

South Carolina

It’s the South Carolina Law Enforcement Division (SLED) that issues the license of polygraph examiners in the state. On the other hand, many of the state’s licensed lie detector exam administrators are members of the organization called the South Carolina Association of Polygraph Examiners (SCAPE).

Here are some polygraph service providers in South Carolina that are SCAPE members:

  • B-Verified Polygraph Services LLC
  • Coggins Polygraph Service
  • Lark & Associates Polygraph
  • The Polygraph Examiner
  • TJL Polygraph Exams Inc.
  • Upstate Polygraph Service
  • Walker Polygraph & Investigative

South Dakota

The South Dakota Law Enforcement Standards and Training Commission — this is the government agency that issues a license to polygraphers working in South Dakota.

Below are some of those that conduct lie detector exams in the Mount Rushmore State:

  • All-Star Investigations
  • EPI Investigations & Risk Management
  • Kieso Polygraph Services
  • Midwest Credibility
  • Professional Investigative Resources Inc.
  • Stealth Investigative Agency
  • Walsh Polygraph LLC


Don’t let an examiner conduct a lie detector test on you without a license from the Private Investigations and Polygraph Commission under the Tennessee Department of Commerce & Insurance (TDCI). That’s because all polygraphers, public and private alike, are required to be licensed in the state of Tennessee.

Its website also allows you to verify the license of the administrator of the polygraph test.

The following are some of Tennessee’s polygraphers:

  • Accurate & Precise Polygraph
  • Acumen Polygraph Services
  • All Told Polygraph
  • Cole Surveillance & Investigation
  • Complete Truth Polygraph Services
  • Expert Polygraph Services
  • Kendall Investigations
  • Michael Sawyer Polygraph Services


There are a couple of things you should inspect before hiring a polygrapher in Texas.

First, check that the examiner has a license issued by the Polygraph Examiners Board. Second, see if the individual or its business is a member of a professional association of lie detector test providers in the state, such as the Texas Association of Polygraph Examiners (TAPE).

Some of TAPE’s members from the private sector are:

  • Alliance Polygraph Services LLC
  • Behavioral Measures & Forensic Services Southwest Inc.
  • Bilingual Polygraph Services
  • DFW Polygraph & Investigative Services
  • Garcia Polygraph Associates
  • Hendricks Polygraph Inc.
  • Polygraph and Investigations LLC
  • Precision Polygraph of Texas LLC
  • QA Polygraph Services
  • Ross Polygraph Services
  • Wood & Associates Polygraph Service LLC


It’s the Utah Department of Public Safety (DPS) that issues the licenses of professional lie detector test providers in the state. And representing many of Utah’s law enforcement, intelligence and private polygraphers is the Utah Polygraph Association (UPA). It also provides annual training/continuing education to its members.

Speaking of which, here are some of the current members of UPA:

  • Barnett and Associates
  • Draughon & Associates
  • Elite Worldwide Polygraph
  • Intermountain Polygraph Services
  • Prime Polygraph Services LLC
  • Veracity Polygraph and Investigations


In order to obtain a license from the Vermont State Police (VSP), local polygraphers must meet minimum eligibility requirements as well as pass the written test, physical fitness test and psychological personality evaluation. There is also a background investigation and a panel interview.

Needless to say, Vermont’s licensed polygraphers are some of the most reliable in the state.

Here’s one of the lie detector test providers in Vermont:

  • J&I Polygraph Investigation Ltd. – Operating for more than 40 years now, J&I Polygraph Investigation Ltd. specializes in pre-employment screening polygraph tests for law enforcement agencies, fire departments, private corporations and even competitions such as bodybuilding shows.


The Polygraph Examiners Advisory Board, which is under the Department of Professional and Occupational Regulation (DPOR), is the agency tasked with the issuance of licenses for polygraphers in Virginia.

Some privately operating lie detector examiners in the state are the following:

  • American Security Group LLC
  • Character Profiles Investigations
  • Complete Surveillance & Investigative Services
  • East Coast Investigations Inc.
  • The Polygraph Guy


There is no need for polygraphers in Washington to get their hands on a license as it’s not required.

Many lie detector examiners in the state are members of the Northwest Polygraph Examiners Association (NPEA), which was referred to as the Washington State Polygraph Association (WSPA) in the past.

Here are some polygraphers operating privately in Washington:

  • 2nd Chance Bail Bonds LLC
  • CSA Investigations
  • JFM Investigations
  • Minnich Polygraph Service
  • Robert Agnew & Associates LLC
  • Track One Investigations

West Virginia

If you are looking to undergo a lie detector examination in West Virginia, make sure that the person who is about to administer it is licensed — the state requires all polygraphers to have a license.

The agency tasked with licensing them is the West Virginia Division of Labor.

Some of the most well-known polygraphers in the state are:

  • John R. Mitchell Jr. – Attorney at Law
  • Presidential Investigations
  • The Polygraph Guy


Refrain from assuming that a polygraph examiner in Wisconsin who doesn’t have a license cannot be trusted. That’s because those who are conducting lie detector tests in the state are not required to be licensed.

According to its website, the Wisconsin Alliance of Polygraph Examiners (WAPE) is the largest lie detection and polygraph group in the state. It adds that it fully screens applicants before they are granted membership and receive a referral for individuals in Wisconsin who are in need of polygraph examinations.

The following are some of Wisconsin’s licensed polygraphers:

  • Behavioral Measures Midwest LLC
  • Brochhausen Polygraph LLC
  • Forte Investigations LLC
  • Personnel Evaluation Inc.
  • Wisconsin Polygraph


Professional polygraphers in Wyoming are not required by the law to have a license. Also, it’s completely up to them whether or not they want to be affiliated with some of the various national or statewide associations of public and private lie detector test administrators.

Let’s take a look at some of the polygraphers available in Wyoming:

  • Allsec Investigations
  • Casper City Information
Disclaimer: The content is intended for informational purposes only and does not contain advice on criminal and investigative questions and inquiries. If you need professional help, please check with your state authorities.

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