Can You Do a Lie Detector Test Online?

Want to turn that party from lackluster to a blockbuster? Ask your guests yes or no questions. Just an idea: add a lie detector test to the equation!

An online lie detector test is a fun way to tell if a guest is lying or not. Whether through a site or an app, it can keep everyone in stitches! But remember: a lie detector exam taken online is for some fun and entertainment only, so no one should take it seriously. A party game like an online polygraph is no match for the real deal that’s conducted by a trained polygrapher.

Before you gather the guests around and get the fun started, read on.

In this post, I will help you navigate your various online lie detector options to find the right kind of entertainment for the party you are throwing. I will also discuss a method that uses the voice, which is actually being used for investigative purposes.

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Online Lie Detector Games

Many websites that show up when you search for “lie detector test online” or something similar to it on Google are actually online quizzes where, after answering all questions, you will be told whether you are being honest or telling lies.

It’s true that they also consist of yes or no questions just like an actual polygraph test.

However, the similarity between an online lie detector test and the traditional counterpart ends there. So, in other words, there are no blood pressure, heart rate, respiratory rate and sweating considered, all of which are imperative when it comes to determining the result of a polygraph examination carried out in the customary way.

One of the things that make online lie detector tests enticing is that the question and answer portion starts with irrelevant questions just like when you are undergoing the real deal.

Are you a human being? Have you eaten food at any point in the last 12 months? Have you breathed oxygen today? There’s only one answer to these questions. Naturally, answering “no” will make it obvious that you are being deceitful. And the online test giving a report of deception can amaze those who don’t know how these quizzes work.

Looking for a way to get rid of boredom? Then feel free to spend time doing a lie detector test online — all you have to do is read the questions and click on either “yes” or “no” after each one.

But if what you are after is something that has admissibility in court where a lie detector test can be considered a piece of evidence, then stepping foot in the office of a polygraph examiner is the only step to take. No matter how legit online polygraph tests claim to be, none of them can take the place of the good old polygraphy.

Lie Detector Apps

Thanks to polygraph apps that you can install on your smartphone, you can be the life of the party no matter the theme or venue. They are not going to make you a legit lie detector test examiner, but you can definitely make everyone laugh — presentation, of course, is an important element to administering a superb polygraph test among your friends.

Most apps for polygraph testing are similar to online lie detector tests in that they are more like games rather than examinations used for pre-employment screening processes and criminal investigations.

As a matter of fact, it’s not uncommon for them to randomly generate results.

Needless to say, using a lie detector app for a mobile phone is no better than flipping a coin. But unlike flipping a coin, the interface makes it more fun and entertaining, which is why they make for some excellent party games. It goes without saying that the generated results should not be taken seriously.

Some lie detector apps, however, attempt to appear more sophisticated than others. For instance, some of them may require the use of the smartphone’s camera to pretend to be analyzing facial expressions.

There are also those that require the thumb to be pressed against the smartphone’s camera for heart rate monitoring — some cell phones that come with integrated health trackers use this method in determining how many times the heart beats per minute. Some apps may also require the user to speak into the mobile phone’s microphone.

Voice Stress Analysis

There is a truth-telling method that eliminates the various sensors of a polygraph machine, which monitor and record the various physiologic processes of the examinee. So, in other words, this approach does not involve using blood pressure, heart rate and other vitals in determining deception.

It only requires the use of a microphone, which reveals the fact that it entails the evaluation of the voice.

And that is why it’s referred to as voice stress analysis (VSA). It was in 1988 when VSA was introduced into the law enforcement community. Nowadays, it is said to be effective in various investigative situations.

What makes VSA work is that it’s designed to detect micro tremors in the muscles of the examinee’s throat each time they speak when in a relaxed state and tend to go away when he or she experiences stress, such as when answering a yes or no question dishonestly. According to scientists, a person has no ability to voluntarily induce those tremors.

Because it’s only a microphone that’s required when taking a VSA, it’s possible to take it online.

But just like a traditional lie detector test, VSA has no admissibility in certain jurisdictions or states. However, according to a report by the Louisiana State University, law enforcement officers love VSA because it’s easier to set up, quicker to administer and faster to generate results.

What’s more, training for becoming a VSA expert can take only a few days to complete. On the other hand, a polygraph training program is several months or a few semesters long.

As a general rule of thumb, if a VSA on the internet comes free of charge, there’s a huge possibility that it’s a sham. One that uses the right technology in analyzing the voice will surely come with an asking price.

The cost of the equipment as well as the training to operate it, after all, can be as much as around $11,500.

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Text-Based Polygraph Test

It is said that researchers at Stanford University and Florida State University are developing some sort of polygraph test that can detect deception in text.

And because it’s something that is being designed to be available on the internet, it completely disregards cues — eye movements, facial expressions, posture, breathing quality, fidgeting, hand tremors, etc. — that can be utilized by a polygraph examiner in a face-to-face examination in creating a report.

According to the said researchers themselves, those who are lying tend to use more flowery words. They add that, almost always, they have certainty in what they are conveying.

On the other hand, truthful individuals, they say, usually use the likes of “perhaps”, “could” and “I guess”.

The machine being developed that can conduct text-based polygraph examinations online is said to be capable of separating truth-tellers from deceivers up to 75% of the time. This means that this method of taking a lie detector test via the web is less accurate than the traditional manner, which has an 80% to 90% accuracy rate.

While there’s always plenty of room available for new technologies and innovations, there are simply many things that can keep the said test-based exam from replacing the polygraph testing we’re accustomed to.

For instance, some of the words used by a non-native English speaker may be considered signs of deception. On the other hand, someone who is well-versed in the language and knows how the online test works may use his or her English fluency in sending responses that can force a false negative result.

Online Lie Detectors Conclusion

There are various types of lie detector tests you can find and take online. Some of them are as simple as choosing between yes and no or installing an app on your smartphone. Others may require you to use a microphone in order to take advantage of their VSA test, which doesn’t come free of charge.

But if truth be told, none of them can replace a traditional polygraph test, whose accuracy rate is up to 90%.

Related Questions

How can you get a free lie detector test?

It’s virtually impossible to obtain a legit polygraph examination that costs nothing. That’s because the instruments used and polygraph training do not come cheap. Evaluating the chart to be able to come up with a report can be time-consuming, too. Online, there are free lie detector tests, albeit not reliable.

How do you take a lie detector test at home?

Online, you can easily get your hands on a home polygraph test kit. Some of them are mere toys, while others have some actual medical devices integrated into them, like a heart rate sensor and galvanometer. Many of them plug into a computer’s USB for the utilization of the accompanying software.

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Disclaimer: The content is intended for informational purposes only and does not contain advice on criminal and investigative questions and inquiries. If you need professional help, please check with your state authorities.

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