Truth or Lie?

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  • 15 Verbal Signs of Lying You Need to Know
    You can fall prey to lie tellers up to 200 times a day! Most of us find it a challenge to separate truthful people from deceptive ones. Most of the signs of increased stress and cognitive load that a liar goes through are only detectable by a polygraph machine. However, some experts are very good … Read more
  • Polygraph vs. CVSA vs. Voice Stress Analysis
    When building cases and solving crimes, police officers and criminal investigators use all kinds of techniques to separate truthful individuals from deceitful ones. Some of the most popular ones are the following: a polygraph exam (or also more commonly referred to as a lie detector test), voice stress analysis (VSA) and computerized voice stress analysis … Read more
  • Will Polygraphs Go Away? Why or Why Not
    For as long as people lie, the quest for the truth shall prevail. A polygraph, which has an accuracy rate of 80% to 90%, is set to get more and more accurate. Polygraphs are unlikely to go away. Scientists are future-proofing lie detector exams by including in the truth-telling process things such as facial muscle … Read more
  • 16 Body Language Cues To Watch When Detecting Lies
    The average American states 1 to 2 lies a day. The good news is that you don’t need to consult a psychologist or polygrapher near you to tell truth tellers and lie tellers apart. In many instances, you simply need to observe the body language of the person standing before you to determine right on … Read more
  • How to Detect Lies in Text Messages
    Texting is so convenient that, according to a Vermont State Highway Safety Office (SHSO) report, more than 80% of Americans send text messages on a regular basis, collectively sending over 6 billion texts per day! But texting also makes lying easier for deceitful individuals and harder to detect for people who are being lied to. … Read more